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     “There is no real happiness for those on the wrong side. The greatest pleasure in life is the security of the true side. You can vainly try to win over the world or you can nicely be over the world. Your task is to change your operating center from strained imagination to relaxed reality.”

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  • 2018 Irish Banquet

         We're escaping! We’re finding the way out and breaking free! The enormous amount of higher energy released at the New Life banquet in Strawberry, Arizona this March made us ecstatic about working to leave our old natures behind and "getting a little closer to God each day," as one speaker put it.
         Those who are beginning to awaken sensed the power of what was happening. And undoubtedly, Richard's talk — the highlight of the banquet — shocked us awake enough to feel something else; that is, energy coming from a higher place than this world. "Dedicate your life to finding a soul," Richard Wooldridge said in his talk on Saturday. "A wrong part of you is leading you away from these classes," he noted. "None of us has any time to waste." He quoted Vernon’s talk [MP3 CD Vol. 18, Talk 8], “How can you ever think of missing a single class?” Richard reminded us we need help, but not to identify with being helpless. “The higher life exists only when you don't.”
         In his talk, David H. also mentioned that we have to be concerned about gaining a soul. "Forget the past, live in the now. Get home before dark," he advised.
         From Vernon Howard’s Treasury of Positive Answers, Chapter 8, speaker Dave N. quoted this question: "But why is it so hard to reach people with these ideas?" He continued, "Because anyone lacking cosmic knowledge doesn't know he lacks it. And only a severe crisis can force him to seek something higher." Dave used the illustration of a business owner who had forgotten to turn her “Closed” sign to “Open” to remind us to always be receptive to higher guidance.
         Based on the same book Treasury of Positive Answers as well as Esoteric Encyclopedia of Eternal Knowledge, more magnificent directions for finding the true and permanent self and for ending suffering were given by other speakers in the Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday classes. Then, when called upon to comment on their impressions of the banquet, many students accurately described it as follows:
         Katherine P: "The talks were spectacular and you could feel in them a miracle."
         Kyle R: “I got so much out of working in the kitchen. And I learned when things go wrong, you don't have to get negative.”
         Lynne W., referring to the Pretties dance: “We had a great time dancing.”
         Judith A., regarding the entertainment: “There was pleasant harmony in “Annie Laurie,” [a favorite old Scottish song]; and after the banquet I was bouncing off the walls from the special energy.”
         Colleen, a new lady who made a super effort to come all the way from Florida for the banquet and joined us in the kitchen work: “I appreciate everyone being kind to me and I am happy to have been here to share it with you all.”
         Jon J. drew attention to the connections between all the classes and talks and topics, “in every class all the time.” Bill B. added, Truth is “all one thing.”
         Celebrating St. Patrick's Day a bit early included a traditional meal of corned beef, cabbage, and buttered parsley potatoes. When asked to comment on all the food that Judy P. and others spent hours planning and preparing, not a person said a word; only a loud round of applause erupted. Vernon, who was Irish and whose birthday was March 16th, set aside the March banquets to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. And of course, this is a tradition New Life continues to this day.
         In the Sunday class a student stated, “The mind is not our friend," while Bill B. clarified by adding, "Mental people are under the control of dark forces." He suggested we need to ask ourselves, "Is it possible I’m self-deceived?”
         So besides having an enjoyable time, hidden negative forces in us did come up to the light where they could begin to be dissolved. Fear, for example, or a mechanical resistance to someone with whom there was a personality conflict. This makes most people run away and never come back, because the dark forces within are terribly pained when being exposed. Our mind really is not our friend the way it presently operates, and it doesn't want us to see our actual condition. But when we understand, we see that this is the way out. We would never see this in ourselves out in the world without the truth teachings given by Vernon Howard. And if a teaching doesn't require us to see what's wrong first, it is not a true teaching; it is only lies and self-deception.
         These banquets help us shake off the influence of this evil world. The Light is what changes us. That's what made this banquet so special and why we fell in love with what went on there. After arriving home someone said it all by starting an email this way: “Just got home from another “get-back-on-track” New Life banquet.”

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     I love receiving the newsletter twice a year and wouldn’t want to miss it. I reread them over and over.
     Also I want to let you know that I love the website. I visit it almost every day. It is so helpful because of the excellent design and information. Also the daily e-mail reinforce the message and give me something nice to look forward to every single day.
     I have been studying Vernon Howard for about 13 years and he has helped to completely change my life. From a whining, self-pitying person to someone who is beginning to take responsibility for my own actions and know that there is indeed a way out!
     I am planning to attend the class in Pagosa Springs, Colorado next year and maybe one in Strawberry too. I can’t wait to meet like-minded people and enjoy the wholesome atmosphere.
     God Bless you all for carrying on Vernon Howard’s work!

— S. C., Delray Beach, Florida

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