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Vernon Howard eTalks,
eBooks and eBooklets
     Vernon Howard's talks are now available for download in the mp3 Pro® format. You can also purchase all the books and  booklets in the .epub or .mobi format. There are 18 books and 21 booklets now available.
eTalks eBooks eBooklets

Super Special Offers

Introductory Offer
The Mystic Path to Cosmic Power (Softcover book)
The Esoteric Path to a New Life
(MP3 CD + Guidebook)
50 Ways to See Thru People
Conquer Anxiety & Frustration
Your Power to Say NO
Regularly $38.25 — Save $18.25
Z01 ........ Only $20
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The Vernon Howard Book Library
Includes all 18 books
Regularly $184 — Save $49
Z02A ........ Only $135
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 (This does not include the Spanish edition of “The Power of Your Supermind.”)

The Vernon Howard Booklet Library
Includes all 16 booklets + The Answer + Powerful Guides for Spiritual Freedom
Regularly $46.75 — Save $11.75
Z02B ........ Only $35
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     (This does not include any of the other specials on this page, the Spanish edition of “The Power of Your Supermind,” the “Booklet Box”, the Cassette Tape Albums, any of the booklets translated into Spanish (S01 - S07) or any of the transcriptions. It does include “The Esoteric Path to a New Life” Guidebook, which is inside the MP3 CD Album of the same title.)

The Esoteric Path to a New Life
Imperfect Guidebook
Z03 ........ Only $1
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Conquer Harmful Anger 100 Ways
Previous Edition
Booklet (68 pages)
24B ........ Only $1.25
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Imperfect Booklet Specials
Only 25 each or 5 for $1


  Conquer Anxiety and Frustration

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  How to Handle Difficult People

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  50 Ways to Escape Cruel People

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  100 Ways to Defeat Satan

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  50 Ways to See Thru People

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  Freedom from a Life of Hell

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     Once you have added 5 or more booklets to your Shopping Cart the quantity discount will be applied. You can then specify in the Comment/Special Delivery Instructions box which title(s) and how many of each title you want.

    These booklets are slightly damaged. They have scuffed covers, crooked cuts or are older editions. However they are intact as far as the content goes. At  this price they offer a wonderful opportunity for you to tell others about Vernon Howard and these marvelous teachings.

Stock up today while supplies last!

Vernon Howard on Blu-ray Library
Includes all 10 Blu-rays. A total of 90 Vernon Howard video talks in HD.
Save $50. A Great Deal!
R11 ........ Only $350

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Vernon Howard CD Library
Includes all 6 CDs
Regularly $60 — Save $15
CD07 ........ Only $45
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Vernon Howard on DVD Library
Includes all 36 DVDs
Regularly $540 — Save $190
D37 ........ Only $350
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MP3 CD Titled Talk Library
Includes all 10 MP3 CDs
Regularly $200 — Save $40
C3-AJ ........ Only $160
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 (The Esoteric Path to a New Life MP3 CD Album also includes a Guidebook inside.)

Vernon Howard’s Higher World MP3 CD Library
Includes all 35 Volumes
Dated classroom lectures from 1-3-86 thru 7-14-92)
Regularly $1040 — Save $260
C336 ........ Only $780
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All 3 Cassette Tape Albums
The Esoteric Path to a New Life
The Laws of Spiritual Development
Practical Exercises for Inner Harmony

Only $5
More Details
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The Answer (Old)The Answer
(Previous edition — price reduced)
   There are only four letters in this edition. Other than that there is no difference in content.
     It is a 16-page 8” x 11” booklet with a beautiful cover.

Only $1Add to Cart

Blowout Special Offer
All Cassette Tape Albums
90% Off
(Perfect condition - Phasing Out)

Imperfect Booklets
5 different titles for
Only 25 each
or 5 for $1
Buy a bunch and give to friends!

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