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     “There is no real happiness for those on the wrong side. The greatest pleasure in life is the security of the true side. You can vainly try to win over the world or you can nicely be over the world. Your task is to change your operating center from strained imagination to relaxed reality.”

Your Power of Natural Knowing

Special Spiritual Exercises

     Below are spiritual exercises and special lessons taken from classroom lectures by Vernon Howard. They are marvelous tools that can be applied to your life and will help you better understand what these teachings are
all about. Use them and gain the wonderful rewards and benefits which they can give you.

  • The Voice of Reality

         This exercise is from a Vernon Howard talk given 1-22-86 (MP3 CD Vol. 1, Talk 13). He said, “You could take this one talk, listen to it over and over ... and wherever you are now internally, you can take this and go all the way from the fiery dry desert up to the nice pleasant mountaintop where the air is very pure.”
         You are, from now on, to know absolutely that your life is nothing but one or more forms of anxiety and suffering. If you could start with the simple fact of admitting “Yes, I am afraid,” which you are, that would be an elementary lesson in learning to listen to the voice that’s trying to correct you. Because the first thing it must instruct you on is that you are afraid.
         Why do you want to succeed at anything at all except listening to the voice that’s trying to correct you? Your life as you now live it is worth nothing! This life is good in the sense that you can use it to find something that lasts beyond the petty days that we have here.
         How much of a shock would it be if you were to begin to listen to something that’s trying to teach you from within? You take it as something unwelcome and unwanted only because you don’t know that your daily and nightly life have nothing in them that can make you happy.
         Happy. You know what it means. All is well. Nothing can disturb you. Now, don’t you dare tell me that you’re already happy. Be honest about that.
         Because you really want to know, one day the voice of Reality brings a truth into your mind — wants to tell you that you’re behaving badly, for example — then you can listen to it. You can say, “Yes, the voice said I mustn’t flare up and get angry at that remark someone made. That’s different advice than I’ve heard from another part of me which says ‘get mad, accuse someone.’” And then you look a little closer at how you felt when you blasted and accused your spouse or your friend or someone on television that you don’t like. If you can get your mind off yourself, then you won’t have to face the fact that it’s your problem, not the other person’s. And so you accuse someone else and say he’s the cause.
         Now you have successfully kept yourself in the prison of lack of knowledge about your actual state. But I’m talking about your studying how you felt when you quickly burst out and snapped at the other person, and your study of that reaction of accusation and anger. When you look at it the first time you will be deceived by your habit system which will tell you, “Oh, that’s good.” It’s lying. You play a little trick on yourself of being able to ignore the fact that your pain is always your responsibility. Now stop accusing someone else.
         The next time you snap at someone and accuse them of not treating you right, of being awful, at the moment of your irritation, you will ask yourself, “How do I really feel right now?” The answer is, you feel awful, terrible.
         Feeling bad, when persistently and honestly studied, is the only thing that can lead you to feeling good.... You’ve got an organization inside of you trying to prevent you from finding yourself. They are thugs and criminals and demons and they have but one aim in your life which is to maintain their dominion over you.
         When this true voice reminds you of what you’ve heard today, you are to listen to that. Because you’re not awake enough to tell the difference in the two kinds of voices, the deceiving one talks to you and you obey. When the true voice talks to you and you listen and obey it, you always feel good.
         You think that a feeling of pain must continue to be there if you are to continue to be there. No! No! No! The dissolving of stabs of pain, of worry, is what gives you real existence.
         For example, you want to accuse someone else, and shout at them or be surly toward them. But because the revelation of what you’re really like might disturb you even more, your disturbance goes into finding fault with what the other person said or did. That’s noise. And the louder the better. Inner quietness is seen as a foe by the way you now are.
         Do you know what spiritual peace really is? The absolute absence of you as you now conceive yourself. Silence and the true spiritual life are the same thing. You will know this when you arrive there.

  • Suspend and See
  • Refuse to Fall Asleep
  • Practice Self-Honesty
  • Stop Yourself
  • I Don't Belong Here
  • See Thru the Hoax
  • Who Are You Trying to Kid
  • Win Your Own Life Back
  • Don't Interfere

     “Thank you so very much. I love Vernon Howard. He was a great prophet that I continue to enjoy reading, watching his videos and listening to his
great sayings.
   He continues to inspire and lift our souls to the highest levels of our being. He is truly
a master in contacting the divine within to inspire us all.”



     “Vernon Howard was always and forever living proof that there is something else.”

— Regina N., Retired Teacher

All of the above exercises were transcribed by Sally Forrest or Regina Netherton from a class lecture.

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