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     “What you want also wants you. If you seek the celestial, the celestial also seeks you. There are no unanswered requests in the universe. If we do not like what we are receiving, we can learn to ask for something different.”

Take Charge of Life Archive

     Here is a new and exciting ongoing series of articles written by New Life Students who have been attending classes for a number of years. They have experienced the benefits of coming to class on a regular basis for themselves. Life throws challenges at us all the time so why not learn to deal with them consciously and effectively. Read and enjoy these helpful and insightful essays which will cover a wide variety of life topics.

“DO IT NOW! GET IT DONE!” by Judith Anderson
     When gentle prodding didn’t work, did you ever feel like you needed a swift kick as motivation to get something done? One of the most inspirational instructions Vernon Howard ever gave us was the brief directive to “Do it now! Get it done! Bang, bang, bang!” Not only has this a useful application to practical everyday tasks (such as on a job or with house cleaning chores, for instance), but it’s both a warning and encouragement to never postpone higher work — particularly being conscious at the present moment.
     Procrastination and plain old laziness delay and block our rewards in the journey towards inner growth, which after all should be our primary aim if we really want to be different human beings.
     The mind of the old nature is not our friend for this job; it tells us what the false parts want to hear. It likes to play those conditioned, repetitious phrases such as “I’m too busy” to be aware right now. “I have to hurry to get something important done, so I don’t have time to relax and be aware.” The voices lie and we listen. And the body sends complaints too like “I’m too sick, old, tired…,” you name it.
     A technique to “get it done” — in addition to saying no
to those voices — is to simply start. If you make an effort, higher help will come; if you take a step toward Truth, it will take a step toward you. But you must act first.
     Examples abound. When you’re blocked from writing (such as a work report or a writing exercise or this “Take Charge” article), pick up a pen and paper and put the pen to paper. When you need to make a business contact, make a note and pick up the phone and dial, or is it now punch? Even mopping the floor can become like a Viennese waltz when you just stop grumbling, fill the bucket, embrace the moment, and start swinging. It works, guaranteed.
     While hiking in the mountains, a valuable lesson was learned, which is to never imagine reaching a summit (“me on Everest” or the next peak), but just take one step followed by another and enjoy the climb. (“Wow, is that a lavender columbine hidden under that pine?”) Life is for our enjoyment as well as our growth, and it’s much more exciting and fun when we’re awake and aware. This is equally true whether we’re washing up the silverware or studying the human zoo.
     When the mind says “I can’t do this,” Vernon would sometimes tell us “this is one thing you can
do.” You can learn to experience the power of truth by following this instruction. What could be more satisfying and lasting than to see your mechanical habits decrease and disappear, to be replaced by alertness and genuine confidence? It feels good. So why not just do it and get it done?


   “I wanted to thank you for keeping the banquets and New Life going. The atmosphere there is very unique and I can see how man could tarnish and corrupt the simplicity of both. Thanks again.”

— Man in California  via e-mail

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