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     “What you want also wants you. If you seek the celestial, the celestial also seeks you. There are no unanswered requests in the universe. If we do not like what we are receiving, we can learn to ask for something different.”

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     Take Charge of Life! They will explain how to: Defeat verbal attacks; make right decisions; solve problems swiftly; stop heartache; end confusion and many more topics. See article below

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     Powerful insights written by New Life Foundation Director, Richard Wooldridge. Richard has been with New Life since 1975. Points to Ponder

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Take Charge of Life!

     Here is a new and exciting ongoing series of articles written by New Life Students who have been attending classes for a number of years. They have experienced the benefits of coming to class on a regular basis for themselves. Life throws challenges at us all the time so why not learn to deal with them consciously and effectively. Read and enjoy these helpful and insightful essays which will cover a wide variety of life topics.

     The subject of the False Self is spoken about quite frequently by Vernon Howard. But what is the False Self?  We have ideas, plans, and hopes, expectations that will seemingly make us happy if only they will happen exactly as we want them to. We pour a lot of energy into these visions of a supposedly rewarding future but almost never give a thought to their origin.
     Who wants all these things to turn out a particular way? You will reply, “I do!” but you know deep down that something inside you will never be satisfied even if you get what you want. But something else urges you to try anyway. This is the False Self at work, something completely contrary to the True Self, which you also possess. Unfortunately for everyone, the True Self is buried under the tons of unhappiness created by its evil opposite.
     Your job is to start digging but it’s not going to be easy. So convincing is this False Self, the ego that demands its way, that we feel one with it. The ego is so all-consuming that almost no one sees it’s like a cocoon that must be broken through so that the butterfly of our True Self can emerge. Like a real butterfly, we also have to break out of our ego-cocoons all on our own. This is done by something called Self-Observation. Yes, you are looking at “yourself”, but you are also looking at your “Self” — the artificial nature that, as Vernon points out, is wrecking everything in your life. One of the ways of personally verifying the existence of this insane tyrant is watching how you react to things when they don’t go your way. When the ego is thwarted, it responds with hostility. It’s trying to prove its counterfeit existence by rewarding you with its payment of fake money, in this case, anger.
     Anger is one of the ways that the False Self renews its treacherous existence. To end its tyranny and be free, we must look and see what living from its dominance is doing to us. Begin to notice how anger comes in like a breeze but quickly becomes a hurricane. Example: You are in a rush to pick up a few items at your supermarket. Whatever patience you had was left outside before you even came in. You quickly gather your five items and look for a way to check out fast. You’re already edgy, so you head for the “15 Items or Less” line. Unfortunately it’s moving very slowly. The checker is filling out paperwork because somebody at the front of the line is returning items, not buying them. You get irritated. You count the man’s groceries on the belt in front of you and notice they total over 20 … outrageous! Now you are seething. So you scan the other check out lines. Ah! There’s a checker with only one customer, so you go over to that line, thinking how smart you are. Unfortunately, the checker smiles and tells you “This line is closed” as she puts out her little sign. Looking around in your anxious state, you see that all the check out stands have now filled up with customers. You feel like you’re trapped in a nightmare. You’re in the quicksand of anger — the more you try to get out, the deeper you sink. Sound familiar?
     To keep the forest green, you have to put the fire out before it spreads.
     Instructions: You are to catch the first tiny flame of anger that crops up when something doesn’t go your way and notice what’s going on within you. And here’s the next important step: Don’t do anything but simply observe your reaction. You separate yourself from the situation, like a rock that is washed over by a wave. The wave loses its energy while the rock remains unchanged. Don’t give anger any attention. That’s what it wants. Let it go by you like a passing train. When you first do this, you will still vibrate and feel the heat but you’ll notice a difference. More and more, you begin to weaken the power of the False Self by removing the food of anger that it craves. You’ll have plenty of potentially irritating experiences come up every day and they’ll try to take you over. Watching and being aware of what’s really going on is the first step to living the kind of life you were meant to live.


   “I went onto the New Life site and clicked on ‘What’s New’. Along with the Lessons and Daily Quotes, I am learning to be in the light and although I am just a novice at this, I want to change and not listen to my false self any longer. Vernon Howard was an Advanced Soul and his teachings are Universal. Thank you for posting food for the Spirit.”

— Man via e-mail

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