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     Vernon Howard wrote and taught for many years on one vital topic: There is a way out of human suffering, and any earnest person can find it. The life-healing principles taught in his books and tapes contain a variety of guides and inspirations by which you can change your life. They answer questions and banish problems which may have been burdens for years. They will supply the answers you’ve been looking for all your life. From now on you can make life work for you not against you.
     These exciting methods can help you start life all over. Your own mind is the key which unlocks the secrets of life. Delightful feelings will arise as these powerful truths are absorbed. Let them succeed by turning every day into a new and refreshing day. True relief and happiness await you.

Stop Stress … Solve Problems … Live Above Troubles
Give Life True Meaning … Dismiss Confusion … Make Life Make Sense
Handle Difficult People … Succeed with Others … Stop Energy Thieves
Conquer Anxiety … End  Fear … Be At Ease … Make Right Decisions
Have Happy Relations … Heal Past Mistakes … Know What to Say
Be Protected Always … Know True Love … Own Your Own Life

August Monthly Lesson
Only Super Effort Counts
For example, you can get gold if you will work hard when you are in “I’s” that don’t want to work. These are loafer “I’s” but they can be changed into worker “I’s” if we work then. Maybe you’re not feeling real good, or you had a disappointment,
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The Greatest Secret on Earth
“What is it? By contacting a Higher Power, a man can live an entirely new life, both in the here and now and in the there and hereafter.
     There is another way to live.
I assure you that this is no mere opinion of mine.  There is something else beyond this ordinary life.”
(From Vernon Howard’s classic book The Mystic Path to Cosmic Power)

See Pain Consciously
Q: You say we must let agony rise from the unconscious to the conscious level. But that seems to add even more agony.
A: To see a pain consciously is no worse than living with it unconsciously. Like a physical wound, it is just as painful in the dark as in the light, but we don’t see it. So evasion or suppression only perpetuates agony. Remember this one point. Remember that conscious pain is no worse than unseen pain, though it does operate in a different way, which brings release.
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