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New Life Foundation
New Life is a nonprofit, federally tax-exempt educational, eleemosynary organization founded by Vernon Howard in the 1970’s for the distribution and dissemination of a true teaching. It is dedicated to sharing true principles of self-understanding and success as a human being. It is for anyone who has run out of  their own answers and has said to themselves, “There has to be something else.” These teachings are the something else. All are encouraged to explore and apply these profound truths. Find out for yourself. They work!

Nonprofit Organization
    New Life Foundation may be the most  unique organization of  its kind in a very special way. No one in New Life receives any salary or compensation in any form whatsoever. All donations, book sales and other money received by New Life is used to pay expenses, operating costs and most importantly to let other people everywhere know about Vernon Howard’s practical and powerful life-healing principles.

New Life Mission Statement
    To distribute truth principles leading to the education and enlightenment of all men and women, providing them with a free and happy life, accomplished through classes, lectures, discussion groups, spiritual guidance and the distribution of books, cassette tapes and other material intended to help individuals attain greater self-reliance and self- responsibility, which in turn leads to greater spiritual and mental health.
Educational, religious & eleemosynary org.

     The Foundation’s headquarters are located in Strawberry, Arizona. New Life Highway Sign Classes are conducted on a regular basis in Strawberry, Arizona and in Westminster, California, and also Pagosa Springs, Colorado, both official branches of New Life Foundation. The atmosphere at all New Life classes is friendly, light and  uplifting. The classes are an island of  sanity in a confused world. Don’t miss the opportunity to attend your first class.

     Help spread the light with your tax-deductible gifts. No one at New Life receives one cent in salary. All are unpaid volunteers. We invite you to join us in spreading the light in a sad and confused world.

Thank you ,much appreciated

     “To all of you who continue to spread the teachings of Vernon Howard. Use the enclosed as needed. There’s nothing I want more than to have others know about these marvelous teachings. I can’t imagine being without them. Thank you!”

 — O. L., Illinois

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