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     “There is no real happiness for those on the wrong side. The greatest pleasure in life is the security of the true side. You can vainly try to win over the world or you can nicely be over the world. Your task is to change your operating center from strained imagination to relaxed reality.”

Frequently Asked Questions

     Here are some frequently asked questions that we have heard over the years. The responses should help to give you a better understanding of these life-healing teachings. They can also clear up common confusions and misconceptions. Take them in with a receptive spirit and many mysteries will be dissolved in the light of higher understanding. The first twelve FAQs are brand new ones. (Last updated March 1, 2019)

  • FAQs 1

    Question: I am used to attending religious services with lots of people, music and sermons given by people in special garments, but am frequently left with the feeling that something is missing. New Life classes are completely different. Can you explain why?
    Answer: The path to genuine spirituality is indeed a very unique and different one. You’ve had questions about your life that have persisted, but have probably noticed deep down inside that the ceremonial approach hasn’t actually provided lasting calmness and life command. New Life classes will give you the deeper answers, but they’re not like the church services you’re used to. You’ll find that refreshing and will come to discover that the “pomp and circumstance” of most organized religions aren’t really necessary.
         Authentic salvation is not a group experience, but a personal one. Spirituality is about you contacting God directly, not through other people. This takes real courage and commitment to experience for yourself. As Vernon says, “If you do the different, you will find the different. If you do the same, you will find the same.” You have within you the power to choose to be different.

    Question: Some people I deal with cause me trouble and pain. I don't like admitting it and too often anger is there also. How do I think correctly to change it, to be free?
    Answer: Yes, we want to work to break out of ourselves so that we’re no longer troubled or pained by difficult people. So, do this.
         1. Determine to no longer permit negative people to influence you in any way.
         2. Know that only when we obey spiritual laws can our relationships be right. We can’t wait for other people to change but must apply the unbreakable law of self-responsibility to our own lives. This means to take responsibility for our own thoughts, feelings and actions no matter what. To understand that we could have responded differently, without rancor or blaming, is the key.

    Question: Self-responsibility isn’t talked about very much in today’s society.
    Answer: Yes, and that is why everyone is so confused and unhappy. The virtue of self-responsibility isn’t valued these days, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a requisite for true personal change. And just because few know or care of this law’s existence doesn’t mean it is not in operation.
         But it is long difficult work to understand this because the old nature — our ego — will fight back. It doesn't want to lose. It wants to lash out at the world and continue to think, “I am right, and you are wrong.”

    Question: I have noticed that no one out there is very willing to be accountable for their own actions anymore. Whatever happens is always someone else’s fault.
    Answer: There are millions who take this attitude and you can see the societal chaos that is the result. The evidence is all around us that not obeying this fundamental life principle leads to unhappiness. But happily, students of these teachings can know that our spirits were made “to develop into vigorous independence,” as Vernon once put it. And that in part means following the law of self-responsibility all the way to release, relief and contentment.

    Question: It seems I only pray when I either want something to happen or when I want something to stop happening.
    Answer: A lot of what is called prayer has its base in prideful wishes that always include subtle elements of self-enhancement and self-glorification. This type of prayer is a request for what the “I” wants, for example, someone praying for material wealth or worldly attention or praise. God does not hear this type of prayer.

    Question: Then when does God hear my prayers?
    Answer: Revelations often come to us by recognizing what does not work. You must study the manifestations of wrong prayer before real prayer can come into the picture. To ask for help purely means many things. It means that the appeal doesn’t come from an image of being pious or religious or spiritual or from a desperate wish that circumstances were different. Most of all though, it means you know in a deeper sense that nothing you have relied on has worked and that you can no longer continue to try to do it for yourself. Something has to be invited into your inner life that is separate from the horizontal level of thought. You can extend this invitation any time, any place. The realization must come that help from a higher source can’t be provided by colliding and confused thoughts. See, it truly always comes back to knowing all about your human nature and when that has been replaced by what Vernon calls the ‘star self,’ your higher life itself will be the perfect prayer.

    Question: Why is worry harmful?
    Because worrying always creates suffering. It doesn’t matter if it’s a little worry or a big one. You’re in pain when you’re worrying because the vibration of worry always predicts doom and gloom. The odd thing is, this state is strangely appealing because there is something in us that is familiar with and that likes agitation. It’s a candy store solution for the false self but actually tastes like a bitter lemon! Start exploring worry to see how it’s never provided lasting relief, only more uneasiness. Go through your day just watching it come up and letting it go. Do this enough and you’ll discover there is something else that can handle everything for you.

    Question: In class it was said that people refuse to see badness. Could you explain more about this?
    If you really investigate society and want to see through people, you’ll see this denial of badness is very common. People have fixed beliefs and opinions and refuse the higher view. They’ll say, for example, that people are basically good (behind this is the unspoken meaning that they themselves are good) and then are shocked by the level of violent crime, drugs, political intrigue and social disorder. They’ll complain and then deny it all with an “It’s-all-good” philosophy.
         If you love these truth principles taught by Vernon Howard, perhaps you’ve tried to share them with others. Did they welcome them and say, “tell me more”? Probably not. People do not want to see the world as it is or see themselves as they are. They’ll label you negative, as they did Vernon, if you “give the show away.”
         Yes, there is a conspiracy of silence. There is willful ignorance, a refusal to learn and investigate what’s really going on. But don’t be afraid to take this on. While the way to Heaven must first go through hell, you’ll get many helps and encouragements along the way. For example, you’ll learn that it is 100% possible to refuse the intrusion of darkness and negativity into your mind and into your life.

    Question: This idea of fear and refusal to investigate what is really going on interests me.
    Vernon said in a talk (MP3 CD Vol. 8-17) that our self-deception is “voluntary.” Look at your reaction sometime when some underlying hostility of yours is exposed. You do not want to see it, let alone have other people know about it. That’s why these teachings and the New Life classes are a safe haven to learn what we must in order to change. For while they reveal the hidden secrets of human nature and our own wrongness, they also provide the healing facts necessary to keep going forward in the quest for the higher life.

    Question: Wow, I’ve just had a revelation of how much resistance I have to what this work is telling me!
    Answer: The importance of receptivity cannot be overestimated. It must suddenly strike us that to welcome learning about the cunning tricks and interference of the belligerent, hostile nature is what frees us from it. It was once asked what our effort in this work must be and Vernon said your entire effort to wake up is receptivity to what you are hearing.

    Question: I feel like I have to make my mark on this world. It will provide me with the security I need.
    Truth doesn’t care one bit about someone’s accomplishments in this world. It makes no difference if you’re the CEO or the janitor. In fact, Vernon once said that if the head of the company and the man working down in the basement of the company were both awakened, they would have no wish to trade places with one another. Looking for security in a fickle and unstable world is a wrong move. All Truth cares about is whether you are moving toward it or away from it.

    Question: I’ve recently come into these studies and it makes me nervous when you say I must disappear from my own life. What does that mean?
    Think of getting outside of yourself as a release into open spaces that are not tight, cramped or constrained in any way. Just now, our spirits are confined by being in and of this world. Through society’s influence and through association with every human being we’ve ever met, we operate from the strange belief that this limitation is normal and natural. It is not! We were not meant to suffer from insecurity, dread and doubt but we were meant to choose to be animated and guided by the free life of the source that created us. The only way this can happen is for the old nature to be transcended, to disappear.

    Question: How do people get mixed up in trying to understand these higher truths?
    Some take them as similar or identical to worldly advice. Take the man or woman who confuses monetary prosperity with spiritual success and security. Vernon assures us you can have little of what this society calls success and be completely victorious in the spiritual realm. A recent ‘Secrets of Life’ quote said, “Practice at placing the spiritual before the material.” It can be a surprisingly healthy shock to realize how little we do this. However, the extent to which we learn to value the invisible over the visible world determines the quality of our inner life. Many people say they want to change themselves but few really mean it. Be one of the few.

    Question: I’ve noticed I often seem to be moving along OK through life, but then I feel the pressure and frustration building. How can I stop this strain before the inevitable explosion or lashing out, which I’ve done so many times in my life?
    Realize that you’re unnecessarily living from a wrong part of yourself. That wrong part is always wrapped up with useless and repetitive thought. It then very quickly welcomes its low buddies — negative emotions. Break the spell! Relax from unnecessary thought. Be as fierce as you can, inwardly, against these unwanted invaders. Vernon told us that who we really are has no need to be worried or frustrated over anything whatsoever.

    Question: How can I know this center within?
    It is already there but must be uncovered and activated, in part by the honest admission that we have never really known how to deliver ourselves from inner pain and negativity. Troubled states may go away temporarily but always come back to reassert themselves, don’t they? With that realization can come the certainty that only something else, something not part of the habitual psychic system, can rescue us. So instead of spending the day looking for comfort and affirmation where it cannot be found, we can choose to direct our considerable energies toward connecting with what is above this warring world.

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