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     “What you want also wants you. If you seek the celestial, the celestial also seeks you. There are no unanswered requests in the universe. If we do not like what we are receiving, we can learn to ask for something different.”

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         We’ll talk tonight about spiritual help. A subject which the world knows very little about and has little interest in exploring. Now I used the phrase spiritual help, and you have the two words, and already people think that by using the words that the meaning is understood. You see, you use the word spiritual, and it gives you certain associative ideas of God, of Heaven, of something that's not human here on this earth. And you start talking about spiritual principles, spiritual elevation, and the mind which is so tricky assumes that it understands something that is above itself. That is, the ordinary mind which deals in finances, and in family problems, working for a living, and in spiritual ideas the ordinary mind takes the word spiritual and thinks that it is something different from itself. It projects, and says, “This is something higher than me.”
         But when the mind says the word spiritual, it must interpret it according to its own level — its own very low level of misunderstanding. The mind itself, the ordinary mind, cannot possibly understand spiritual help. It can talk about, it can write books about it, it can come to classes about it. But the ordinary mind which thinks with words, which thinks with mental pictures, can't see anything above itself, although it has the illusory power, false power, to pretend that it can understand something higher than itself, which it can’t.
         What a shocker! Just think, if you can grasp it. The whole world of seven billion people with its tens of thousands of churches, and its religious books, and all its religious talk and hymns — the whole world talks about spiritual help and has no idea of what it is talking about because it can't comprehend anything above its own intellectual, mental level.
         But you try to convince someone who has only a mind and not a spirit higher than the mind — you try to convince someone of what I am talking about tonight — try to convince him that he doesn't understand spiritual help, and his mind will get disturbed, which is the evidence, if he could see it himself. But he won’t.
         The intellect is fixed, always and forever, on its own level of interpretations, of explanations, of beliefs, and opinions. And since these beliefs and opinions are based on the preservation of a false center, an imaginary self, that very imaginary self will want nothing to do with authentic spirituality, authentic spiritual help, because it means that the individual will transcend himself and live a million miles higher than he did before.
         The ordinary mind, ordinary intellect, fights fiercely, persistently, endlessly, to keep its power over the individual. And for an individual to break through this trick which is being played on him is the only real miracle in human life where a person begins to comprehend what we’re talking about, which is that words uttered about God, about spiritual help, are words only!
         Now, if it was the real thing, then the individual would get help. He would get spiritual help. But he doesn't change inwardly. He remains the same person year after year talking about spiritual help, saying he's getting it, looking for a new source of it, and it never occurs to him that he's on the wrong track, and could be on the right track by seeing his mistake.
         Summary so far: You, and everyone else on earth, are going to waste the rest of your life talking about spiritual matters unless you come right face to face with the fact that you have to keep asking for help, keep seeking it, yearning for it. And when you see that your present source, which you call spiritual help, your present sources are not supplying it, begin for Heaven’s sake and for your sake, to get a little bit suspicious that you are simply going around and around in a circle in your own mind, convincing yourself and millions have convinced themselves of it that they're getting aid from a higher source.
         Any human being who asks for God’s help, Truth’s help, seriously because he's come to a certain point of right defeat in his life – that person will know from the evidence of his own internal changing nature that he has found something higher than his own ideas about spiritual help.
         And this new help, this higher help, can come directly from Heaven, to use that word; can come directly from Heaven straight down to any individual who is tired of the game of the intellect.

         Advice, which is very valuable, which you can always give yourself, is to just slow down. Slow down your life, go very casually and easily in the way you think and feel. Slow down your speech. Then your defensive and offensive self is out of the way and you can simply receive the higher.
         Spiritual magic: “I am here.” First, slow down. You’re to do it now. This is an absolute requirement for you to be free of yourself! You have to see you’re living in a blur. Now you’re defending your neurotic nature, which is always worried, racing around.
         Now, know you’re physically here in the room. You never know you’re here. You’re gone. See around the room, where your hands are, legs crossed or uncrossed. Now, deliberately change your position so you can be aware of where you are. Also, know what you’re thinking right now, what you’re feeling right now.
         When you put yourself in the position of knowing you are here, then nothing outside of you has the smallest chance to enter into your right world and disturb it. When you spiritually know “I am here,” that’s the only world. There’s no other world at all. God is the only exclusive. Truth is all. Reality is the only real state. You realize the Kingdom of Heaven is pure, and also you see the uselessness of protecting the neurotic world.
         It is essential for you to remind and practice the slowing down of your life. You believe in your present but false inner counsel that what you now have is essential for you to protect.
         Let your whole life go. Your reaction to that instruction was a blur, fear, and an unseen reaction of NO! The reason being that the enemy is always within and so maliciously sly that you haven’t been able to recognize it yet. And the proof of that is that nothing changes in your nature.
         Slowing down your life opens the door to understanding why things happen as they do. Remember: Slow down and know “I am here.”

  • December 2021

    “Thank you so much for keeping the legacy of Vernon Howard alive. I was introduced to his books and teachings some time ago when I felt hopeless and helpless. I was filled with despair and felt that I could not go on for another day. The teachings of Vernon Howard saved my life and gave me hope that I could achieve happiness and tranquility if I was willing to take some very painful steps to change my thinking and my established belief systems. They have given me a life that I never dreamed I could have. Thank you so much for carrying on his wonderful work.”

— Man via e-mail

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