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     “What you want also wants you. If you seek the celestial, the celestial also seeks you. There are no unanswered requests in the universe. If we do not like what we are receiving, we can learn to ask for something different.”

Monthly Lessons Archive 2021

  • January 2021

         If you continue to live with suppressed angers, with concealed jealousies, if you continue to live with chaos inside your mind and in your feelings and in your life, if you continue to live with these hidden harms, then you will have to be an unhappy human being.
         There, now I’ve told you. If you continue to be the way you are, if you continue to make the past the future in your life — with chaos inside your mind and your feelings and in your life — if you continue to live with these hidden harms, then you’ll have to be an unhappy human being. Then you also have to repeat the strain and the stress and the anxiety and the nervousness and the uncertainty and the pain. Now I’ve told you, right? Now I will ask you, what are you going to do with what I’ve told you?
         Now we come to the question: Which do you love more? Do you love the truth, the beautiful truth that you have just heard, the truth of deliverance that if you do face yourself you can change everything and be free of your old nature? Do you love the truth that you just heard, or do you love more the way you have always been and fear to leave it?
         There it is. And I leave that question with you for you to think about later on. You have been told there is another way you can free yourself. What do you love?
         You have to do something that is utterly new for you, and thinking about the way out and trusting your memorized experiences, you have to utterly abandon it. Think of something else. You call for rescue from your own self, your own unworkable ways. When will you give up? I will tell you if you will give up, something else that is not you, that is not a part of the 30-40-50 years old inscriptions in your mind will come to you. Don’t consider that hopeless. What you call hopeful is hopeless and always has been, and you are afraid to face it. And that’s why you don’t get out. You will continue feeling, being trapped unless you try to understand what you are doing against yourself by consulting your own self-centered, your own self-love endlessly and thinking it is going to change something. If it could have it would have. And it has changed nothing.

         Above all else, all human beings love being what they presently are. This is staggering so don’t let it get by. Connect this with your life, with your stress and your anxiety, and you will begin to see, little by little, the solution.
         A human being loves his present nature, whatever it is. As miserable as it is, he loves it and he clings to it. And you try to change him and watch how he fights. Evidence is right in front of your eyes that we love, to our own destruction, having the kind of thoughts we presently think, and having the kind of feelings that presently surge through us, wrong as they may be. Also, having the actions and the catastrophes — this is what is loved most of all, simply because most people will not make the smallest effort to see that this kind of stress and strained life is unnecessary. They take the present ways, the present pains, the present conflicts and the present sufferings as being fixed, as being right for them, as being necessary, because they say, “This is what I have, and this is what I must continue to have.”
         Talk about seeking, we had better talk about non-seeking; about people who do not want to make any effort out of their condition, to walk out of the desert. They love their pain so much that when someone comes along, when truth itself comes along and says, “Sir, Miss, things can be different for you if you do certain things. For example, if you will listen to something other than your own past mind, your own past thoughts, if you will begin to listen to something different from what you usually listen to, things can change. You want to do it?”
         Listen to these strange facts. Now you will understand why most human beings remain as they are. Take a criminal. Say to him, “Sir, if you commit a crime, if you hurt somebody, there are certain punishments that society will give you. You will go to jail, you will be fined, and have all the other problems that go with being caught in committing a crime.” You tell him this and do you know what he does? He goes right out and commits the next crime. And you tell him that again after he has been caught the second or third time. You tell him that if you continue to do this, you will suffer the consequences. You will lose your physical freedom. And he goes out and he does it again and again. Isn’t that a strange situation that you cannot talk to a person and say, “Look, if you do something that is wrong, you go out and hurt somebody, you will have to be punished for it.” And he will do it again. Isn’t that strange?
         No, it is not strange at all if you understand thoroughly what we are talking about which is that the strongest love of all is self-love, the love of repetitious behavior, the love of being what you presently are.
         To sum up: Above all loves is self-love.

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    “Thank you so much for keeping the legacy of Vernon Howard alive. I was introduced to his books and teachings some time ago when I felt hopeless and helpless. I was filled with despair and felt that I could not go on for another day. The teachings of Vernon Howard saved my life and gave me hope that I could achieve happiness and tranquility if I was willing to take some very painful steps to change my thinking and my established belief systems. They have given me a life that I never dreamed I could have. Thank you so much for carrying on his wonderful work.”

— Man via e-mail

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