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     “What you want also wants you. If you seek the celestial, the celestial also seeks you. There are no unanswered requests in the universe. If we do not like what we are receiving, we can learn to ask for something different.”

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        There was a place called Nightland. It was a dark, dreary, miserable place with unhappy people — this world. When there’s no inner light we stumble. There was also a place called Dayland. It was bright, cheerful, where the sun could light up the whole place. The people were whole.
         All the people in Nightland had a wish to be someplace else. They didn't know about Dayland; it didn't exist to them. All they knew is that they wanted out, how to escape their miserable condition of Nightland. People are constantly suppressing their fears and their tensions, and their worries over what’s going to become of them. All of this is inner darkness.
         Now, I have good news as always, surrounded here by other people who are also weary wanderers. You never knew another place, another land called Dayland. Dayland was a bright, cheerful place. The sun shone directly onto Dayland and brightened up the land and the people themselves.
         An arrangement was made by higher powers by which you can go from darkness to light. An arrangement made in heaven was set up whereby some people in Nightland could escape and find their way to Dayland. A big boat could take all the passengers away, who wanted to get on it from Nightland. It would take long, long journeys across the ocean. Everyone was to get off at an island right in the middle of the ocean called Transfer Island, and get on a boat going to Dayland. They transferred to another boat coming from the other direction — from Dayland. People from Nightland could get on the boat that would take them to Dayland and to happiness.
         We are talking about a change of an individual to become spiritual. Most didn’t even care to go down to get on the boat. They had hard hearts and rejected their opportunity to get on the boat. A few said they’d look into it. Out of about ten million, hundreds got on the boat. They were excited. The reception was great.
         The boat sailed across a very wide ocean and finally reached Transfer Island. People forgot their aim. Already they were ruined, lost (the entire population of this world). They turned around and went back.
         Curiosity finally got the better of them and some took the boat trip again. They hung around a little. This is a definite point, a final decision on whether one wants to go back or forward. You are going to have to work a thousand times harder to get to that point to make the decision.
         Most went back. They were on a voyage to doom. That means to remain what you are. But some remembered and went on the boat again, but returned again. There is fear of change and a wish to believe you already have it. What good is it if it doesn’t take away your misery?
         Of the millions who went on the boat, ten people had a different experience. They went back to anxiety, but were different. They couldn’t forget that little bit of sunlight. These ten people found each other, held meetings, wondered about the whole business. They decided to find out why they made a decision against being happy. They found out a gigantic conspiracy had been perpetrated on them. Evilers, devils, the enemy, made sure no one got away.
         Ten people had broken through. They saw they were gullible pretending they were all right. They couldn’t believe in their lies anymore. They got on the boat again, said “No, thank you” to drinks, romance, etc. They refused all the temporary pleasures of this world in favor of God. They were waiting for the boat from the sunny place to come.
         Have the honesty to admit where you are. Fierce spiritual vow: Waiting means you’re waiting for the rescue ship to come to you. Yield: the same as waiting. You can’t go to Dayland. It has to come to you. Wait for God to give you instruction on what to do about that little problem you had this morning. Wait with alertness. Let quietness and Truth come to you.

         You have to stop remaining a victim of dark forces. Say to the witches, malicious forces, inside, “Away with you! I don’t want you. I don’t need you. You have been flying around in the darkness of the night, of my unconscious, long enough!”
         All you have to do is put the flashlight on them. You don’t have to create the light; you have to receive it and direct it towards them. Darkness can’t stand light. So, you’re becoming a self-aware human being, and you deliberately do not feed the neurosis hanging around in the darkness inside.
         Don’t feed the animals. Don’t give egotistical attention to the self. Say, “I am going to bear my loneliness, my defeat and see what happens.” Something good will happen. Defy the lie that something bad will happen.
         Where are you seeking comfort in order to hang on to your idea of being good? The need for comfort, sympathy is arrogance.


    “It’s hard to keep one’s nose above the water line but Vernon Howard is the Royal Lifeguard, always ready with a rescue boat and life-preserver!”

— Man in California via e-mail

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