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     “What you want also wants you. If you seek the celestial, the celestial also seeks you. There are no unanswered requests in the universe. If we do not like what we are receiving, we can learn to ask for something different.”

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Vernon Howard Aphorism’s
     The only way to truly not care what others think of you is to truly know that you are right.
     May I remind you that you are not the only person in the world to have problems.
     Aim to understand the dragon, not defeat him, but to understand the dragon is his defeat.
     Silence in the face of an accusation leaves the problem where it belongs — with the accuser.
     Real strength does not reside in ideas, but in a comprehension that is above all ideas.
     A mature mind sees long distance cause and effect. An immature mind sees only instant ego-gratification
       regardless of the consequences.
     Anything I wish to believe is false.
     False spiritual work keeps you comfortable. Real spiritual work makes you uneasy.

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     Join us for an uplifting Irish banquet in Strawberry, AZ on March 9. The menu will consist of corned beef and cabbage with potatoes and carrots. Additional classes on Wednesday and Sunday. Make plans today to attend.
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No Complaining  (Use for all of 2024)
     This is your work project for the entire year. Watch your reaction when you consciously tell yourself you cannot complain for a whole year. Baseball or shopping is not our favorite pastime — It’s complaining. We complain about everything. Your false nature hates the thought of not being able to grouse about something. You’re going to make a concerted effort to remember to deprive the negative nature of complaint and then to watch how it vehemently objects to this. You will benefit immensely from doing this exercise.

Frequently Asked Questions
     Here are some frequently asked questions that we have heard over the years. The responses should help to give you a better understanding of these life-healing teachings. Take them in with a receptive spirit and many mysteries will be dissolved in the light of higher understanding.  FAQs 1

(Updated September 1, 2023)

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Points to Ponder
     Powerful insights written by New Life Foundation Director, Richard Wooldridge. Richard has been with New Life since 1975. Points to Ponder

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Spiritual Exercise
     Learn how to apply these life-healing principles. Here are specific exercises that can be used in your daily life to help you defeat what now defeats and hurts you. Latest one: Save Me from Myself

(Updated September 1, 2023)

How to End Suffering Disobedience

     The commentary series below is focused on a particular negative emotion, painful feeling, negative trait or  state of human beings that causes us tremendous pain and suffering. Perhaps you will recognize that you yourself have had personal experience with this condition. You’ll find the explanation of how it causes suffering and how it produces detrimental effects in your daily life. You will also be shown how Truth can help you to lessen these effects and how you can eventually eliminate them from your life altogether. A new negative characteristic of human nature will be gone into each month. It will be great fun to explore these things in order to help us see through them and to be rid of them.
Snowy DesertDISOBEDIENCE by Bill Brown
     We suffer because our old earthly nature disobeys Spiritual Law. In fact, our not-who-we-really-are-self can only seem to exist by disobeying spiritual law. Human nature does not just get punished; it is the punishment itself.
     I am spiritually disobedient when my egotism is in charge because it is why I suffer.
Vernon Howard asks that we as spiritual students exhibit one ounce of intelligence by trying to see this.
     We are under a spiritual truancy law — orders from God to learn all about our suffering, so that we can study our way out of it to sanity and happiness.
Earthly and spiritual truancy laws are quite different. Earthly truancy laws only demand a physical body be at school, whether there's any intent to learn or not. Under the spiritual truancy law, I am always at school — it's wherever I am — but I am not in school unless I really want to know why I suffer.
     Truant is an old word — we know its current meaning of being absent from school, absent from learning — but it came from a source that Vernon Howard says is handing us the result of that irresponsibility — being a wretched wanderer.
     We have standing spiritual orders: use everything and make spiritual connections with what you see out in the world. We can sometimes find helpful lessons and reminders in unexpected places:
Seventy years ago, the world's most famous dancer starred in an MGM movie musical called Royal Wedding. This movie has a signature scene that certainly stunned audiences when they first saw it and it's still amazing to see today. The star had come up with a way to entertainingly exaggerate his own legendary ability. In his trademark elegant, sophisticated manner he danced up a wall, across the ceiling — he was upside down now — and down the other wall — seemingly defying the laws of gravity. Movie magic.
     But spiritually speaking, this star was in a more amazing second scene which reveals the reality of human nature with the help of humor. The second scene is a rousing 6 minute song, dance and comedy routine about lying and gullibility. All our suffering involves lying and gullibility — we lie or get lied to in a big alternating circle.
     This scene is about a romance that has hit a rough patch, as they say. The star plays fast-talking boyfriend Tom, wearing a loud sport coat and straw hat. This is what Tom sings (here ever so slightly modified) to Ellen, his girlfriend, when she complains to him about how she is being treated:
How can you say you believe me when I said “I love you” when you know I've been a liar all my life?
     I've had this nature since I was a youth.
     You must have been insane to think I’d tell you the truth!
     Tom repeatedly brags about his lying and laughs at his girlfriend because time after time she’s fallen for the lies.
     But by the end of this act the world's most famous dancer has literally been floored.
He is on his back, straw hat down around his neck, pushing off with his heels to escape, but starting to acknowledge his lying:
Ellen: You know you've been a liar!
     Tom: I know I've been a liar.
     Ellen: A double-crossing liar!
     Tom: A double-crossing liar.
     Ellen: All your double-crossing life!
     Here we have a humor-hammer pounding on the subject of lying, but what if we were confronted directly with this scene in real life? You know your reaction would be different. This is what Mr. Howard called our spilling level — how much truth can we take about ourselves without overreacting and losing the lesson about what is causing our suffering. We must obey the spiritual order to make an empty space inside so that what is Higher can fill it and help us to raise that spilling level.
     Maybe repeating this imagery would be useful: the world's most famous dancer goes from seemingly being free of gravity to being incapacitated and on the floor from the weight of his own lying. (Both scenes are easily available on the Internet.)
     Vernon Howard is telling us we must be floored (he often used the word stunned) by what we are consenting to let happen to us. You have a lying, disobedient nature, and most of the time you obey it and suffer. That’s the fact — but it does not have to remain the fact with our sincere request for help from God.
    “The most beautiful thing that can ever be done for a human being, including all of us in the room, is to have someone point out our weakness and our darkness — that’s the most beautiful thing. But what are you going to do with it, what are you going to do with it, what are you going to do with it? Come on, come on, come on, come on, please, please, please, grow up!”
(The above quote is from Vernon Howard’s Higher World MP3 CD 32, Track 9)


   “I went onto the New Life site and clicked on ‘What’s New’. Along with the Lessons and Daily Quotes, I am learning to be in the light and although I am just a novice at this, I want to change and not listen to my false self any longer. Vernon Howard was an Advanced Soul and his teachings are Universal. Thank you for posting food for the Spirit.”

— Man via e-mail

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