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     “What you want also wants you. If you seek the celestial, the celestial also seeks you. There are no unanswered requests in the universe. If we do not like what we are receiving, we can learn to ask for something different.”

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         For the rest of your life whenever you hear yourself saying, "I have a problem of nervousness, lack of love," or whatever it might be — when you hear yourself talking, don’t believe in your own mental mutterings. Don’t take it as being you.
         This is what is known as the extinction of the ego self, is it not? This means that you no longer believe that you are your thoughts. And you are not your thoughts.
         Oh, this is going to take long hard investigation and work on yourself to cease to believe in yourself, the pseudo self, so here it is in summary. Any fearful thought of any kind – remember now, there are no exceptions – for example, the thought of fearing the future, which everyone has who is lost. “What is going to happen to me tomorrow? Or ten years from now, or twenty years from now?” You catch the thought saying, “What will happen to me tomorrow? Ahh, ahh, I caught you that time.”
         What I, what you, what self are you talking about? There’s only a self as long as I re-create it. Create it and re-create it by believing in it. “I don’t believe that I am that time thought. Thoughts are in time. I don’t believe them. I’m going to stay in Eternity right now by being above the level of thoughts!” Eternity can look down on time and understand it. The higher part of you can look down at thoughts and understand that they are only thoughts that do not represent you at all. They are impostors only.
         The devil’s middle name is perseverance. It is not quite true to say that he never gives up, but he’s so persistent, you’ll have to study him to see how he keeps going on. Because mechanicalness keeps going on until it’s stopped by something Higher than itself. But finally, the devil will see, after many, many years, he’s wasting his time with you. That means that the devil knows he has no chance with God at all.
         In fact – and here is the blasphemy of the devil – the blasphemy of the devil is that he calls himself God and calls the True God a devil. Do you see why there are so many people, there’s absolutely no hope for them at all as long as they persist in this?
         All right, you have seen through the delusion that you are your thoughts. You understand that you are not your thoughts. When you understand that, the very understanding from a higher viewpoint causes them to fade out. And they come with less frequency and with less force because you’re wide awake! You’re the cosmic detective that’s watching for them. This is for you to experience. And you can.

         The main thing is to work hard. Do not let a day go by without snapping the mind’s mechanicalness and become conscious and aware. The fact that consciousness can replace mechanicalness will be one of your greatest discoveries.

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     “I’m sending my heartfelt gratitude for your eternal work. Mr. Howard’s teachings are a shining light which spreads warmth for the well-being and regeneration of all. They leave no question unanswered and are therefore harmonious …. how wonderful this is!”

— E-mail from lady in Switzerland

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