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     “There is no real happiness for those on the wrong side. The greatest pleasure in life is the security of the true side. You can vainly try to win over the world or you can nicely be over the world. Your task is to change your operating center from strained imagination to relaxed reality.”

Points to Ponder by Richard Wooldridge

Richard Wooldridge     Richard has been the director of New Life since 1993. He started attending classes in 1975 and moved to Boulder City, Nevada from Dallas, Texas in 1977.
He worked closely with Vernon Howard and others in the running of New Life.
He actually lived at the building in Boulder City where he had many responsibilities. Vernon Howard was very tough on him in order to give him the greatest opportunity for discovering something higher. He is very grateful for the guidance he was given even though it was very difficult at times. The false self is not going to give up easily and it takes many years of hard work to begin to understand the deeper meanings of these teachings. But it’s all worth it for the pearl of great price.

  • From 2021 Spring Newsletter

         One of the most difficult things for people studying these teachings is to learn to see the difference between the intellect and awareness. You’ve heard people say, “I’ve heard that before.” They’ll read something out of a Vernon Howard book or listen to a lecture or watch a video and retain the facts with the mind, believing they fully understand it and that they need not explore it further.
         There is a gigantic difference in seeing something with direct/pure perception and knowing something from memory. Awareness is a million miles above ordinary thought. You can logically arrive at a conclusion about something, but it is only being done with the mind. We must see much more deeply and that can only be done with the spirit.
         In The Mystic Path to Cosmic Power, Vernon puts it this way, “Another great help is to see that alertness in exterior affairs has no connection with psychic-awareness. Exterior abilities are on the mental plane; psychic skill is on a higher, spiritual level.” There is a way to perceive the true spiritual state of others, but it requires us to relax and to allow something to silence the super active mind.
         This will happen of itself if we truly want to understand. We simply see clearly. The discernment comes because there exists a part of us that is tired of being deceived, tired of paying the price of being asleep and there develops within us a sincere wish to really understand what is going on. Because people have made the intellect their ‘god,’ they destroy themselves and everything they touch. This is not too strong of a statement to express. It’s simply a tragic fact.
         I cannot emphasize enough how critical it is to wake up and to see things as they actually are and not how our vivid imaginations portray them. It really is exciting to get a glimpse into another world. It will not be scary as the mind insists; it will be truly exhilarating.
         The mental part of us will fight and defend itself when it feels threatened. People have very strong beliefs about all sorts of things. Beliefs reside in the intellect. And so, thinking they are us, we become attached to them and insist they must be fiercely protected. Truth tells us this is not necessary. Truth is telling us we should be living in a state of awareness. In The Mystic Path to Cosmic Power, there is also a section that explains awareness. Here is part of it, “Awareness brings understanding, because there is no condemnation or identification but silent observation.”
         It’s hard for the way we are presently made up to fathom that one can stand apart and see everything from a completely fresh viewpoint, a perspective that isn’t encumbered with pain, problems, prejudices and burdens. Almost every human being on this planet thinks and feels and believes life is one awful event after another. Why is the news filled with negative story after negative story or one tragedy after another? People love to pass on bad news. Baseball isn’t America’s favorite pastime, complaining is.
         Why is it we don’t want to see things as they actually are? Because we are complicit in the pain game. We love our pain. We refuse to see that we are part of the conspiracy to keep it going. Recently in our class in Pagosa Springs, one student related an encounter they had had with a friend. The friend was telling the student all about a specific problem of hers. The student tried to say a few truthful things to help, but the friend couldn’t grasp what was being said. The following day, the New Life Daily Quote service posted a Vernon Howard quote which gave the perfect answer to the problem. It couldn’t have been put any more clearly and succinctly. But the student was unable to pass it on because in all likelihood, the friend wouldn’t take it rightly. It was so far above her present mental level that there was no way she could comprehend it. This is a perfect example of how human beings don’t really want help; they simply want to unload their problems onto someone else by talking about them. They actually want to keep them so they’ll have something to complain about.
         This type of insight into human nature is absolutely essential. We must give up our fantasy view of this world, that people are basically good, that they only have our best interests at heart and so on. We believe that just saying or thinking positive things about something or someone constitutes the actual state. We haven’t as yet seen the difference between this make-believe world and conscious awareness of reality.
         In the book Inspire Yourself, Vernon puts it this way, “Man fails to see that thought is useful only for everyday tasks, such as conducting business. He tries to use conditioned thought to understand the whole of life, which cannot be done. Only in a state of simple awareness, which is above thought, can he be one with himself and therefore one with all of life. Thought cannot comprehend the whole, for it is but one part of the mind’s total function.”
         I personally will be forever grateful for being led to Vernon Howard. He was an extraordinary human being. These are not just words of praise, but an actual fact. He was extremely tough on what was wrong with us, but at the same time was able to uplift and energize the right part of us. You see, truth can see beyond the facade, the fake front that human beings put on pretending that everything is fine.
         Only truth can truly care because it sees things from a completely different vantage point, one where zero self-interest is involved. Truth is prepared to give us everything if we’ll surrender the false personality and all of the negativities associated with it.
         Effort is required: short term, long term, persistent effort. It’s like learning to play the piano. One learns the scales first and has to practice them. You then learn a simple song like Chopsticks and so on. What is required to learn to play the piano well? Persistence, patience and a love of what you are doing. It’s the same with the truth. If you are genuinely interested, you will be rewarded.
         Truth never fails to come through for any really sincere truth seeker. It includes every virtue known to man. It supplies every spiritual need that a man or a woman seeks. It is love. It is fulfillment. It is happiness. It is understanding. It’s everything a man or woman wants. There isn’t anything it can’t do.
          If you decide to take the journey to another world, to give up your negativity, pain and suffering and to understand these things more deeply, I recommend getting the new MP3 CD, The Truth About This World that was recently made available and is for sale in this newsletter (page 4) or online at
         The greatest reward that any human being can discover is found in these teachings. Vernon Howard emphasized this is the greatest gift ever given to mankind. If we follow the spark that brought us to these teachings, we will not only find freedom from the misery and madness of this world, we will also be given eternal life. Truth guarantees this to be true. Vernon Howard once told us he wouldn’t trade what he discovered for all the worldly wealth a human being could accumulate on this planet. This world has nothing of real value to give you.

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     “In 2005 I got divorced, my children got so angry with me they haven’t spoken to me since and I made a very disastrous financial mistake. I now live in a small apartment instead of the beautiful home I once had. Am I complaining? NO WAY. I can say with all truthfulness that I am happier than I have ever been. I live alone but am not lonely. I almost never experience boredom even though I am retired with many hours spent alone. I have faced very painful truths about myself but thanks to Vernon Howard I began to see them as ways to freedom. Guilt was a constant companion for most of my life and letting go of it is a gift beyond price.”

With great love,
Bonnie H.


     “I am writing from Papua New Guinea, a very small country north of Australia.
     Two weeks ago I was checking for reading material in a bookshop when I came across the book titled The Mystic Path to Cosmic Power.
     Anyway I would like to say that I feel very happy when I am reading it. The information presented is so powerful that I read a chapter every time I come home after work. It really explicitly explains the true meaning of life. It provides me with insights and a clear vision of me being on this planet.
     I am so pleased that I could just take this time to thank you for the inspirational words and countless encouragements.

Thank you,
Roncy via e-mail

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