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     “What you want also wants you. If you seek the celestial, the celestial also seeks you. There are no unanswered requests in the universe. If we do not like what we are receiving, we can learn to ask for something different.”

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         Spiritual principles alone can save you so you have to keep going. You can’t stop anymore. You have to go all the way.
         First, think of an automobile which can stop any time it wants. A farmer’s tractor can stop anywhere in the field. No problem. A boat can stop out in the middle of the pond. No problem. An airplane cannot stop. If an airplane stops it falls and it crashes. And there’s tragedy and enormous defeat.
         I hope you followed that thought. Once you have heard, once you’ve been introduced to the principles of heavenly flight, you must determine to go all the way.
         Billions of human beings said they wanted to know God; they wanted to have a new kind of person inside themselves. And they stopped and they crashed. This is not a grim thing I’m talking about. It is a sunny, cheerful rightly encouraging thing because it’s telling you how to not stop, how to not be discouraged and fall away from the flight.
         If you stay where you’re supposed to stay, which is within the area of inspiration and information, you won’t want to stop in mid-air. You’ll want to continue all the way going higher and higher. And raising yourself every day. Thank heaven there’s more above the level of human madness. That means you’re getting more sane yourself.
         By reading, by studying, by pondering, by doing the exercises, by praying to, and inviting something outside the circle of self, by trying to stay in the present moment, by catching negative emotions and letting go, and by persistence, the grace of God begins to come in and change you through understanding.
         Say you have a problem with another person, finances, health, or down at work. And you don’t want the same old painful result anymore. This time you say, “I’m going to learn the lesson that is in this. I want to learn, not fight, not struggle. So I’m going to ask heaven to show me how to use it correctly this time. I have insisted up to now what I was doing was the right thing to solve it, but it has kept me nervous and hostile and worried. I don’t know the answer!“
         The honesty, the blank space, the vacant space allows the new, the higher to come in and change me.

         Sit down quietly at home and clearly state your problem to yourself. State it with no emotion, no dramatics, no self-pity, no anger — or no lashing out at the world.
         Then you can say, “When I stated the problem clearly to myself it disappeared.”
    Go home and solve the problem for yourself. Your clear spirit is the teacher. When you state the problem clearly to yourself, it will come to you that you indeed are the only problem.

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    “I just read ‘The Witness Self’ in the newest newsletter (Spring 2018) and it’s done a lot for my journey as I’m piecing it all together. Thank you for keeping these teachings alive!”

— Man in California via e-mail

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