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     “There is no real happiness for those on the wrong side. The greatest pleasure in life is the security of the true side. You can vainly try to win over the world or you can nicely be over the world. Your task is to change your operating center from strained imagination to relaxed reality.”

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  • 2023 May Banquet

         Launching the spring May banquet in Westminster, California on Wednesday evening, director of New Life Richard Wooldridge said we need to come from a position of understanding, not from mental knowledge alone. He stated that everything on this planet is designed to put us deeper asleep. When the world is constantly trying to draw us in, we have the power to say NO! “We were not put here to suffer.”
         Preparation for the banquet feast and rehearsal for entertainment followed, with efforts to do our work consciously. Friday evening speakers based their talks on Vernon Howard's talk on DVD 23:2. Dave N related the story of an airplane that crashed, leaving passengers stranded in the desert. The pilot told the passengers to stay with the plane, but not one of them did. They all wandered out into the desert, desperately believing they could find the way out. Finally, one man came to his senses and returned to the plane to wait with the pilot. Following instructions, he slowed down, gave up, waited and was rescued.
         Asa went on to explain more about this same talk, “Let Rescue Come to You.”  We make so many excuses, thereby missing so many opportunities to grow spiritually. Christ said to let “Thy will be done,” not your will. Instead of making excuses, we can give up in the right way and let higher rescue come.
         Next Paul emphasized that everything Vernon did and said was to show there is a way out. People think they can keep the old life and still somehow acquire the new life.  The plane wreck describes our life on this earth. We try to rescue ourselves — with relationships, food, getting angry, buying things, feeling sorry for ourselves and in many more ways. Stop trying to rescue yourself and let rescue from God come to you. See your actual condition and don’t assume you know what rescue looks like.
         On Saturday banquet morning the topic for the powerful talks came from Vernon Howard's Pathways to Perfect Living, Chapter 8. Gary warned us that darkness is working overtime to pull you away from this work. The devil tries to make attacks seem frighteningly real, “but only zombie people like to watch zombie movies." Victory is possible by practicing “Silent Seeing,” an awareness that comes from above. Watch your thoughts silently; for example, it's just an idea that “Life has cheated me.” “Something else comes in to help us by seeing, not thinking.”
         Richard, speaking from a section called “How Happiness Comes All By Itself,” said people willingly put themselves under the tyranny of wrong thought, never thinking for themselves. For example, “Politicians do not speak from themselves, they always read from a script.”  We can practice “mental silence” and see this clearly for ourselves. “The only thing that matters is that we love Truth more than we love this world.”
         Three beneficial exercises were given for our inner work for the rest of the banquet and beyond:

    • Know when you touch a light switch.
    • Catch yourself complaining and drop it.
    • If you have a sour look on your face, see it.

        We gathered for our delicious, bountiful meal, all prepared and served by the New Life ladies. Fresh and nourishing food was followed by more physical and spiritual work in the wholesome entertainment segment. We are fortunate to have extremely talented singers and spirited dancers, as well as students who provide clean jokes and welcome laughter for relaxation and friendly camaraderie.
         Sunday Bill started the class using chapter 10 of 1500 Ways to Escape the Human Jungle, “Let your Mind Work with Full Power.” He also emphasized that we are under constant attack by things both inside and outside of us.
         Jeff said to remind yourself constantly of these lessons. He mentioned Vernon's idea that "the devil’s pitchfork is always in time." In the latest MP3CD The Truth About This World, Vernon said if you want to control people, just make them afraid. #920 says,“Deliberately interrupt your thoughts during the day to ponder an idea of special interest to you.” Jeff also described how things go more smoothly with his job when he slows down.
         Ken, with a section about “The Power of Real Intelligence,” noted the difference between real intelligence and wrong thinking: "AI is us using Artificial Intelligence, while 'the Kingdom of Heaven resides in the space between two thoughts.'"
         Bill went on to explain that our gigantic self-deception makes us ascribe virtues to ourselves and others that don't exist. We can't do anything, but we can see and feel when a higher power in us is in operation. Nothing is more beneficial than to realize that “we can't do.” He gave that great instruction to just do a little more inner work than you want to do each day and you will make it.
         Dave H concluded the talks from a section in 1500 Ways to Escape the Human Jungle, “Let Your Mind Serve You.” It says in #990, "Just let the thought occur to you that there is another way to live, for that is a true and powerful thought." Dave said this world has become a horrible place because we don’t have God in our lives.
         The banquet concluded with comments by other students. Karen mentioned how at a banquet  — while hearing the Truth and in the atmosphere of a right place where it is spoken — we can experience true inner joy. And Kyle realized the banquet provides a glimpse into what our lives could be like all the time. Using these banquet experiences and higher insights, we can learn to “nurture our soul every day of our lives.”

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     “Thank you so much for the newsletter. Each one is a delightful treat to receive in the mail and is a sheer little treasure of fresh inspiration and relevant comments from Mr. Howard. I have made a vigorous determination to devote myself to my freedom and wholeness. This determination and continuous study of Vernon Howard’s writings yielded life saving results nothing short of miraculous.
    Anyone who really wants an ‘authentic’ life filled to overflowing with the good Life can’t afford to ignore Vernon’s writings and powerful insights into the human condition. His writings answer a life-time of real and imagined concerns that have mystified the most learned minds.”

Marie N., Palm Springs, CA

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