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     “There is no real happiness for those on the wrong side. The greatest pleasure in life is the security of the true side. You can vainly try to win over the world or you can nicely be over the world. Your task is to change your operating center from strained imagination to relaxed reality.”

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  • 2019 May Banquet

         Nothing is more meaningful and sobering than reclaiming our spiritual birthright, but Vernon Howard also understood the need for social fun and entertainment in the midst of the serious work we must do on ourselves.  That’s why he deliberately set up New Life banquets in a way which would bring together, in one place and at one time, all the elements needed for our spiritual growth.
         Though a variety of life topics are covered at every meeting, class talks usually focus on one or two main themes. The Wednesday night class on May 8 was conducted by New Life’s Director Richard Wooldridge. He stressed that our ties to this world create tremendous obstacles and distract us from our higher aims. That afternoon, he had been listening to a powerful Vernon Howard talk (MP3 CD Vol. 27, Talk 1) and working on his own talk when all of a sudden, a cacophony of noise disturbed the atmosphere. Workers around the hotel where he was staying began using a wood chipper and trash trucks came into the area to empty the hotel’s large trash bins. He refused to let all the noise carry his attention away, making the point that we must voluntarily let go of all the world’s demands and clamor and focus our attention on what will save us. He went on to connect this voluntary letting go with having a receptivity and humility toward Truth. “Just know that with more submission to truthful principles, the more you will get! God wants you to be strong, not with egotism, but with inner strength.” He also gave an exercise for the entire banquet weekend which resonated with many students: “Don’t let an hour go by during your day without remembering something higher.”Doug & Ladies Singing 5-2019
         The Friday evening, Saturday morning and Sunday morning classes also centered around themes meant to free us from the tyranny of the false nature. In his talk, New Life’s Southern California Director, Paul Wolfe, made the comment that the way society operates, “the deck is stacked against you, but the deck has no power!” What a relief to know that there is ‘Something Else’ that can rescue any sincere student from life’s battleground. Doug Stewart made an interesting observation about present-day music. Though music can provide emotional inspiration, a recent study found that today’s popular music is much more negative than in past decades. It is filled with more angst and animosity, sadness, disgust and much less joy. When listening to this music, the emotional responses generated are more waves of anger and enmity, depression and despair. And that’s why the music you’ll hear at a New Life banquet is light, lively, fun, and sometimes inspirational, the opposite of what’s being offered out there these days.
         In his talk, Brad Langenberg provided an excellent example of the right yearning for this ‘Something Else’ in a story he told. Where he is presently working, there is a large hill, a place that rises above the rest of the landscape. The spiritual connection is that human beings have something within them that is drawn to points far above flat ground, places that afford a more expansive and extensive view. The urge is in us to understand the lower, but we must be receptive to the necessity of moving up the mountain to be given the bigger picture.
         There is invaluable information provided at banquets and here are some other great points made by speakers and students alike:

    • This is a safe place where you will be helped.
    • I don’t need negativity.
    • This society is such a battleground of opinions, we need God now more than we ever have.
    • We must love learning, real learning.
    • What is offered here is not some pie in the sky philosophy. Truth is real!
    • See your resistance to the truth and go beyond it.
    • There is no place like this, no teachings like this anywhere else.
    • The purpose of this class is to know from yourself that inner freedom is possible now.
    • We have no obligation to kowtow to the demands of this world.
    • There is still resistance, but these classes have truly changed my life for the better.
    • It’s the old nature that is tired and bored. It is the study and application of these principles that provide new energy and enthusiasm.

         The Saturday class was followed by a wonderful meal offering a variety of fresh salads, delicious homemade macaroni and cheese and abundant desserts. Everyone was then treated to entertainment put on by New Life students including melodic songs, dancing and funny jokes. During one 5-second act, a student forgot his punchline and his reaction was even funnier than the joke!
         On Sunday, following the end of the classes and banquet festivities, everyone felt grateful for what had been offered to them. Remembering the themes of dropping the resistance to what can save us and of not letting an hour go by without trying to reach the higher, students were inspired to work with and to value these teachings even more.

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     “Thank you so much for the newsletter. Each one is a delightful treat to receive in the mail and is a sheer little treasure of fresh inspiration and relevant comments from Mr. Howard. I have made a vigorous determination to devote myself to my freedom and wholeness. This determination and continuous study of Vernon Howard’s writings yielded life saving results nothing short of miraculous.
    Anyone who really wants an ‘authentic’ life filled to overflowing with the good Life, can’t afford to ignore Vernon’s writings and powerful insights into the human condition. His writings answer a life-time of real and imagined concerns that have mystified the most learned minds.”

Marie N., Palm Springs, CA

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