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     “What you want also wants you. If you seek the celestial, the celestial also seeks you. There are no unanswered requests in the universe. If we do not like what we are receiving, we can learn to ask for something different.”

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    You make a pain feel like a pleasure. You break down and cry inwardly or outwardly and that pain you take as something good. You take those tears, you take that sadness you have as a marvelous opportunity to feel yourself. And you’re not feeling yourself alive at all. You’re feeling a state that will come to an end. And when it comes to an end, when you’ve cried yourself out, you’ll immediately pull out the next thing to get excited about so you can call that false pain a pleasure. This is the life of practically every human being on Earth.
         Distraction is always a pain that masquerades as a pleasure; anything that takes you away from awareness of what you’re doing at the moment.
         Do you know that you’re seated there listening to me? Turn your invisible eyes back on yourself. And know that you’re seated here. You can know that you’re seated here. And you can be dimly aware of the person on your left, or on your right. Now that’s the beginning, that you know that the physical self is there. Go much deeper than that. Can you see yourself think right now while you’re talking or listening?
         That’s a good start, isn’t it, to know that you’re here and the other person is there. That’s both opposites together. I am here and you are there. That’s bringing the two together. You’re aware of the whole thing, aren’t you? Not just you, you’re not lost in your own thoughts like that. You’re seeing the whole room.
         The point is this. You can watch your own mind operate. You can see your thoughts come up. Just as was illustrated in the talk of a while back. Remember the man was sitting at his window watching the trucks go by. And all he had to do was just sit there and note which ones went by. You can watch what thoughts go through your mind. And if you don’t – now listen – if you don’t do the choosing, if you don’t do the accepting or rejecting, the right thoughts will always come up. But if you choose — you see what is happening? If you choose the thought, that’s the self-protective thought, the accusing thought toward another person, then you have kept yourself alive as the error maker, because you’ve kept yourself alive. And the self is always the error-maker.
         From now on when your thoughts come up, just let them come up and watch them as they come up. DO NOT choose. If you choose you have re-created yourself on the basis of delusion, on the basis of greed for money, or the desire or yearning for another person. Let me tell you that Truth has made you complete in yourself. You don’t need to yearn for anyone. You don’t need any kind of excitement. You can have right entertainment. You can have people in your life. You can have sex. You can have a nice relationship with another person. I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about whether you have put Truth first in your life or not.
         You see the problem, don’t you? You don’t want something to come down and do it for you. You’re afraid that if you drop control of your life that you’ll lose control of your life. That chaos is what is in control.
         This would be a marvelous starting point for anyone. If you saw the pain as a pain, you would soon drop it. You can’t drop a pain until you see it as a pain. But you put a label on it. And you think that this excitement and this thrill — this thrill of hating another human being, you think that is keeping you alive. It is keeping you down in that very dark place.
         We’re here to tell you all these facts and to tell you please wake up! See what you’re doing. See what you’re doing against yourself by hanging on to yourself. And what is beyond yourself is a marvel — a marvel that is unbelievable, unimaginable!
         You’ll only know that this God exists who can give you this life, when you as your own petty self-worshipping self begins to fade out. Let yourself fade out. And what replaces it will be real. And you’ll come, with a different manner, with a different facial expression. And everyone else will know it. First of all you will know it because you’re living it.

         There is nothing out there or in here that can keep you from finding the Truth if you will walk on in spite of your own evil. Nothing can stop me. Nothing, as long as I don’t quit!


     “I am so excited to find the teachings of Vernon Howard. They make more sense than anything I’ve ever encountered and are what I’ve been waiting to find for a very long time.”

— Lady in Florida via e-mail

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