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     “What you want also wants you. If you seek the celestial, the celestial also seeks you. There are no unanswered requests in the universe. If we do not like what we are receiving, we can learn to ask for something different.”

More Tremendous Tidbits by Vernon Howard

     Below are some special writings by Vernon Howard that were released in different forms at the book-table over the years. Enjoy these delightful, insightful sayings and use them to further your spiritual understanding.

  • Descriptions of Mental Tormenting Thoughts

    Descriptions of Mental Tormenting Thoughts
    by Vernon Howard

    1. When appearing as agents for social morality, they solemnly insist it is your moral duty to help others; then when you are betrayed by others, they sit back and laugh at your gullibility and stupidity.
    2. They have violent hatred for any person or idea that is truly good and decent, and rejoice when goodness appears to be injured. They are evil, malignant, depraved, vicious, sick.
    3. One prominent characteristic — an animal-like characteristic — is to secretly sneer at everyone, even those they claim to love.
    4. They force you to pretend interest in some trivial event, in nonsensical solutions to life, then leave you exhausted.
    5. They love to predict and talk about calamities, but never tell you that they cause them.
    6. They disguise themselves as friends, helpers, neighbors, good people — then suddenly drop the role when they have used you for what they can get.
    7. They give you bad advice for helping yourself and when you take it they accuse you of stupidity and claim you will never make it.
    8. They hate you, consider you their permanent enemy.
    9. They torment you with suspicion and then claim that the suspicion is helpful and necessary.
    10. They cunningly promise you rich rewards for listening to them, then desert you to suffer alone with your false gains.
    11. Their evil thrill depends upon your cooperation, for without your ignorant gullibility, they cannot exist.
    12. They sneak evil thoughts into your mind and then threaten you with hell for having them.
    13. They tell you to hate God and then say you are of the devil for doing so.
    14. They insist that confusion is necessary and then demand that you try to prove otherwise.
    15. They succeed in urging you to pass your torment onto others.
    16. The last thing they want you to see is their lack of real power for they know that that would be their finish.
    17. They tell you it is clever or heroic to behave in a certain way and then make you ashamed for doing so.
  • The Unhappy Results of
  • The Difference

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